What’s happening?

Well a lot has happened over the summer, and we are very pleased to announce that GNetRadio has been given support from The Guernsey Arts Commission and St James. This is opening up so much more for our island community station. More news to follow over the next few days.

Thank you to Logicalis Guernsey

GNetRadio would like to say thank you to Logicalis Guernsey Limited for their kind donation of a new DM20 Digital Mixing Desk. Logicalis is delighted to sponsor GNetRadio and assist them in raising funds for charity and worthy causes. We wish them all the very best success for the future. Logicalis is…

The Manatee of Techno with Ray

The Manatee of Techno Join Ray every Friday evening 9 til 11pm for a trawl thru his record collection. A bit of chat but a lot of music. Can be a mixture of classic club tracks or brand new promo’s…you’ll just have to listen in to find out!

James Roberts

James is one of the new guys at Gnet Radio. He joined the team in November 2019 and presents Saturday Afternoon Show from 2pm til 4pm. James has been presenting on the radio, all over the internet, for over 6 years and has always wanted to present a show on…